Kids learn to code by building websites

We are on a mission to provide computer programming skills to students at an early development age


What The Course Teaches?

We all know the importance of learning computer programming and how it will shape the future of our kids' education. The main obstacle for parents is the information overload they face on a daily basis which ultimately leads them to feeling overwhelmed.
The Syncho School not only teaches children the real-world tools, which are actually used by professionals in the computer science field but also educates parents about the tools the kids will be learning.
We have kept the process simple, the way it should have been, by teaching kids precisely what is required. At The Syncho School, we are focusing on teaching them how to build websites. You see, every website in the world is built on using these three computer tools:
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • JavaScript
No matter what, every website or mobile app you visit is built on these three fundamental tools. They are the easiest tools to learn for beginners as they are based on visualization of the code in terms of images, animations, and website content. This makes it super easy for kids as well. Then the question becomes, why not teach our children these tools?
We told you we have kept it simple.
Read more below to find out how you register your kid and prepare them for future education.

Why Students Will Be Successful At The Syncho School

Founding Team

The Syncho School is created by 2 professional computer scientists from Northern Virginia with a total of 15+ years of experience

Personalized Learning

Students become comfortable learning at their own pace by working closely with mentor-led coaching without any unnecessary pressure

Structured Content

The course is meticulously designed for young students by customizing important computer science topics and information they will be able to retain forever

What Students Will Be Learning

Students learn to code using real world tools which are used to create enterprise websites

We have purposely selected teaching Website designing as the building foundation course to expose students to the world of programming. Website designing is the gateway to more advanced analytical programming languages.

Becoming creative and analytic in the same space

Building websites require using both parts of the brain. As students learn to code they will start to visualize their websites and the functions it will perform. 


Students learn complex problem-solving techniques at a very early age

We are providing an early independent platform for young students so they are well prepared for the future and are always leading in their journey. 

Meet Eshaal

Eshaal started to learn coding and building websites when she was in 3rd grade. Today she is comfortable in coding HTML and CSS. This year her goal is to learn JavaScript - Which is one of most demanding Programming Language


How Can I Register My Kid?

It will only take you two clicks to register a student - We are keeping it simple for you

Sign up below for the Web Design 101 Course at the end of this page

Fill out your email and payment information with only two lines - Takes less than 30 seconds

Students will immediately have access to the course and can start joining live office hours 5 days a week anytime they want

One Simple Pricing

No Monthly Payments or Annual Contracts 🙌

5 Days a Week Interactive live office hours with the instructor using Zoom Software to help answer any questions from students

Structured & Comprehensive  course designed by a team of professional computer scientists with a combined experience of over 17+ years

Personal Login Account & Access to Proprietary Learning Platform containing the course

Recorded Lectures explaining step by step coding exercises, examples followed by knowledge checks, and projects. Students can pause the videos to easily conceptualize the material

Hands-on Project-Based learning with hundreds of reiterated examples to make sure new information and knowledge is retained by students

Progress Reports and tracking for students and parents

Ability to learn at a comfortable pace without any external or peer pressure

On-demand Mentors available for immediate assistance

24/7 Access to Learning Platform - students can set their own preferable schedule

Parents stay engaged via email updates on the progress


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